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This morning I was refused a visa to India (it was my second attempt). Because it's stupid visa's regulations I lost over 130 euro for a flight Bangkok-Kolkata. Now I know that I should not have booked this flight in advance but how could I know that I would such serious complications. I have been to over 30 countries and I never had any problems like these in an Indian consulate in Chiang Mai. You know what? F...them. I've just bought a direct flight to Kathmandu in Nepal. I will spend my money in Nepal or in Dubai. After that how I was treated in the consulate I don't even feel that I want to go there anymore. 


Going back to Thailand from Cambodia


                      On the border Thailand-Cambodia. Would you be ready to eat locust?

We are leaving Cambodia. It's impossible to help everybody. One more time  we have to pretend that we simply do not see him. But my soull is crying.


Going to the north of Thailand

It was not an easy journey. We were attacked by biting flies. On the floor were running cockroaches. It was complicated to sleep on these uncomfortable seats. Travelling its not always a pleasure as some people think.


Long neck Karen Tribe women, Thailand


I would like to introduce you a ,,serious'' candidate for my wife;) Isn't she beautiful?


                                        She will also have the longest legs in the village;)



Chang Mai, nothern Thailand

                    Ms. Boissell! I am drinking this cup of delicious coffee on your behalf!;)

Talking about life with two monks was interesting. They are really interesting people and they represent an interesting point f view on many matters.


A few days in the jungle. Chiang Mai, Nothern Thailand


Pai, Nothern Thailand


Discovering new territories


Time to rest drinking the legendary ,,Siam Sato'' ;)

Update done 06.09.2011 Chiang Mai. Next destination: Martin-India, Agata-home, Me-Nepal