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Crossing the border between Mongolia and China was crazy! There was no other choice: we had to hide agata in the booth of our old Uaz!

Benjing it's one of the biggest cities we have ever been to! China is booming these days! Constructions sites are everywhere! It's really impressive. Martin said that Shanghai looks even better. He is already there. We are going there tomorrow;)


     We had a good fun in Shaolin Temple and school for all day long yesterday;)

    I bought three awesome swords so when I come back home don't even try

    to play any games with me because I may be like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill;) 



                                                  The olympic stadium in Benjing



The Great Wall is as great as Forbidden City! Both of these places are too crowded!


In China people live on the streets. What's more- they have nothing to hide;) You are going to a toilet and you are taking a piss next to a fellow who is making a poo (standing or rather being bent down because normal toilet seats do not exist here;) After a couple of days you also stop to be shy hehe And they spit! Every day you hear hrrr...pfuuu....hrffff.... It's disquisting! I can speak for myself: I LOVE THIS MESS! Aha- they can copy almost everything! Below you can see a mix of a car Rover with Audi, a mix of BMW with something and their own version of our European ,,Smart'' heheh Cool!


Update done 15.07.2011 in Denfeng, China. We are going to Shanghai tomorrow evening.