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 Langkawi it's one of the Malaysian islands (actually Langkawi consists of over 100 islands so its an archipelago) which is absolutely cool! There is so much things to do here in compare to Thai Phi Phi island. We can't compare their sizes. Phi Phi seems to be like a piece of sand in compare to Langkawi where you can rent a scooter and you can enjoy the ride around the island. To me this is the best way to discover this place! After one day of riding I nearly ,,burned'' my arms;( But it was worth it! Beautiful waterfalls, stunning views from the top of the highest peak of the island (over 900 meters above sea level) or from the vsky bridge where you can get only by the cable car. While writing this text I am surrounded by small gekons running on the walls behind the computer screen;) They are common guests in our room as well. But to me the most important is the atmosphere over here. This is much better, much friendlier than in Thailand. Only local monkeys try to steal something from you;) Not like in Thailand! Every evening you can see them sitting and having fun at some places along the roads. You must be careful while driving becuse they like to take a sit on a road as well as next to you on the beach;) Langkawi:Phi Phi = 1:0 ! Hungs Ps. After I lost my last camera ( Olympus) I came back to my favourite brand what is CANON;) I already love my Ixux;)


                                     Monkey's life isn't easy at all in Langkawi;)


                                                     LANGKAWI SKY BRIDGE


                                          BLACK SAND BEACH& WATERFALLS


                                   THE HIGHEST PEAK IN LANGKAWI- OVER 900 m ASL


 Our scooter wasn't powerful enough to get there;) There were moments during the ride up there when I thought that I would burn the engine!

Ms. Boissell! This cup of coffee is 4u! Do you remember that day before I went away when you gave me as far as I remember 40 euro saying: please, keep this money and drink a cup of coffee at some beautiful place and think of me? The highest point in Langkawi is one of the most spectacular places we have seen so far during our trip;) Greetings! Ps. I am going to drink another cup on the top of Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur;)


                                                    HOT SPRINGS LANGKAWI



                                                                     BATS CAVE


                                                       UNDERWATER WORLD LANGKAWI

Underwater World Langkawi is a place where you have to go when you are here! Ok, it's not cheap to get inside ( 37 ringi=9 euros), especially when you are a backpacker, not a tourist staying in a hotel, but I decided to go there today and I do not regret! There are moments in my life when I think that nothing can surprise me on the Earth. Looking at those amazing creatures like sea horses, starfish, fish, coral reef, lobsters etc I thought today: It's time for something completely new! Burger King and Mc Donalds still DO NOT exist here (thank you God!) so it's time to discover a new world! The world of the oceans and seas! I dove in the Red Sea a few years ago what only ignited my ,,hunger for diving'' so maybe it's finally time to get PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certificate? ;)



                                               ADVENTURE HUNTERS-ADRENALINE


30 minutes of riding- 35 euro. If we only could we would be riding for all day;) Water scooters are savage;)


Segway is widely advertised as a ,,green alternative,, for cars. Yeah...and you could buy a car for each of them! Do you want to have one in your garage? Prepair 10 000 USD! But it's a good fun I have to say;)

  Like Robert Kubica! In the beginning of his career;) 10 minutes- 37 ringi=9 euros;)