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I met Mr Chang in Willow Park School over two years ago. We immediately became very good friends. I was really sad when I found out that he had to go back to Malaysia. One day I said to him: CU in Malaysia one day;) I think that he did not believe me. He was slightly surprised when he saw me, Alicja and Agata waiting for him in front of his home in Ipoh. I already know his wife (a really nice lady;), his mum, his dog-Mr Roy, his brother and his son, his friends, his favourite places to eat....;) At the moment his home is our headquarter in Malaysia and his brother gave us a few precious advice where to go and what to see:) 


                                           Chang said that I met in Malaysia my relatives:(


Thanks to Chang's brother (who has connections everywhere;) we could improve our skills in playing golf. Clearwater it's a  5 star golf resort (the membership- 10 000 euro a year;) Soon I will beat Tiger Woods! 


Malaysia has huge resources of tin. That floating monster below was used to get it. Now is retired;) Because I like to watch ,,Monster Machines'' or ,,Megastructures'' on Discovery Channel when I saw that place I felt like a small boy in a candy shop!

A big event in Malaysia! First gay couple! That fellow below is a woman! I could not believe my eyes when the following day I saw newspapers! We visited a castle where a few scenes of a  movie ,,Anna and the king'' with Jodie Foster was recorded. We had a pleasure to see this photosession;)


                                         Our models ;) They are also pretty, aren't they?;)


                                               From tomorrow- one week on Langkawi island! ;)



                                                                        CU IN ONE WEEK;)



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