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                                      Welcome to Singapore!

Singapore it's a place where everything is about money! It's a country where the majority (mostly white people from Europe, the USA etc) rulez the minority (the rest of the society). Because of a fact that you were born in Europe your incomes are automatically much higher! Singapore reminds me Ireland a few years ago. This place is simply ,,rising'' in people's eyes! Luxurious shops, butiques, cars on the streets. Being here you smell big money in the air! Ps. The roads in Singapore are stunning! Something else: Singapore is called ,, a city of bans''. You can forget about chewing gums in this country. It's impossible to buy them. You can't eat at metro or bus stations. You can't this, you can't that. You shouldn't do this, you shouldn't do that! BUT: the Singaporean quality of life is one of the highest in the world. What's more: Singapore still stays one of the safest countries on this planet.


                              Marina Bay Sands Singapore


Alice always says: ,,Be careful what you you dream of because your dreams can always come true'' She is God damn right! When I saw that building for the first time my jaw simply dropped and I felt that I wanted to see this construction. I realized this dream yesterday. I did not even expect that I would be partying on the roof up there!  What's more: I shared my dream with my friends! I see that I attract luxury in some irrational way;)! It was supposed to be a low budget holiday and...we visited the most luxury place in Singapore last night! I drank the most expensive beer in my lifetime! 16 euro for a pint! But honestly? I do not care! This view is worth every money! Aha...If you want to spend a night in that hotel prepair 250 euro for one night;)


                               Getting ready to a party;)


                                      We love Singapore!


                                                                            Party time!


                                                         ,,Our casa'' in Singapore


If you want to be one of the lucky owners of one of these apartments in the photos below you need to prepair no less than 1.000.000 Singaporeans dollars=1 mln USD. If you want to rent a room in these apartments you need to pay more or less 1 000 USD a month.


                                                                    Our ,,chef'';) Artur


                                 And...another small party;)




       For everybody who would like to know more;)



Update done in Johar Baru, on the border Singapore-Malaysia 18.08.2011