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                                        Discover Thailand

Update done in Bangkok. 20.07.2011  We had to change our plans a little bit. There is dengi fever in Cambodia so we do not know what to do. I already got this desease in Rio de Janeiro and I wouldn't like to catch this shit again. 3rd time may be deadly. We found one island in Thailand where we wanted to go BUT...that island is close to Cambodia and in addition to dengi fever there is also MALARIA! We are trying to figure out where to go now! Presumably it will be Krabi in southern Thailand;) Ok, it's time to go. I saw today hundreeds of small fish in the aquarium. You put your legs in the water and it's some kind of Thai peeling! It's going to be a good fun!


                                          Phi Phi Island

Do you remember a movie with Leonardo di Caprio ,,The Beach’’? After I saw that beautiful beach I immediately felt that I also would like to be there! I always realize my dreams sooner or later. My dream came true maybe around one week ago;) It was an amazing feeling when I got out of the mix of exotic jungle and bush. I simply said to myself: WOW! It’s one of those not too many jaw-dropping places on the earth. I felt like Leo for a while;) It would be so nice to have this turquoise water only for yourself for a while. Without anybody around. Aha…our kayak went upside down so I lost my camera again! I have to buy a new one. A nice Polish couple saved my skin and they took a few pics for me. I hope to get them soon;)

Phi Phi Island is also beautiful but… that island is still full of rubbish which haven’t been removed since the tsunami struck Phi Phi in 2004! What’s more- it was raining for a couple of days and there were moments when the pavements were deeply flooded. Parties on the island are crazy because a myth of ,,The beach’’ and Leo Di Caprio attracts many party animals from all over the world;) To meet their ,,drinking expectations’’ the shops sell small buckets full of ice. There is also a bottle of Thai rum inside and a can of coke or Red Bull;)